2009 – 2004 PhD Archaeology. Awarded by University of Manchester. Funded by AHRC. Title of thesis – Community Archaeology. A study of the conceptual, political and practical issues surrounding community archaeology in the United Kingdom today.
2004 – 2003 M.A. Archaeology (with distinction). Awarded by University of Manchester. Dissertation – Meanings and Values within a Contested Landscape: the case of the Nine Ladies Stone Circle, Stanton Moor, Derbyshire.
2003 – 2000 B.A. (Hons.) Archaeology (First Class). Awarded by University of Manchester. Dissertation – Enhancing and Enriching the Primary School Curriculum Through Archaeological Study.
1978 – 1975 B.Ed. Applied Education, Charlotte Mason College, Ambleside, Cumbria. Degree awarded by Lancaster University.
1974 – 1970 Guthlaxton Upper School, Wigston, Leicester. A levels passed – Geography, History and Mathematics.


My PhD research involved the study of on-going community archaeology projects in the United Kingdom. Within this research I was able to observe and analyse the networks of relations that develop around and within individual projects. Consequently, I have gained a strong insight into the creation and development of community archaeology projects. Within my PhD thesis I argued that community archaeology projects involve the weaving of multiple agendas. Individuals and groups become involved with projects for many different reasons. Projects can be viewed from a range of different perspectives and they will be valued and carry with them a range of expectations and desired outcomes based upon the agendas of the individual participants. Often participants will be unaware of the perspectives of others. Herein lies the crucial challenge for a community archaeology project – how to bring together a range of different participant groups and individuals into a single project in which different desires, needs and agendas can be accommodated and provided for?

Having completed my PhD I now wish to utilise the insights I have gained to further the theory and practice of community archaeology. In particular, I am keen to act as a facilitator for community archaeology projects; to serve individual community archaeology projects by bringing interested parties together and to create projects that are both inclusive and effectively address the interests and agendas of all interested parties. In particular, I am keen to use my extensive experience of education to involve schools in archaeological projects and the study of the historical environment. I wish to be involved in projects that provide opportunities for school groups to engage with the material remains of the past; to contribute to the design of innovative and stimulating projects that take children outside the classroom and allow them to explore the material heritage of the places where they live. Also, I am keen to see community archaeology developed within archaeological projects that are undertaken for development or research purposes to enable access and involvement for individuals and groups in whose place the projects are located. I am interested in facilitating community archaeology for contracting archaeologists on appropriate sites as well as for research driven archaeological projects emanating from academic institutions or archaeological societies.


Sept. 2009. Established Community Archaeology North West – a community and educational archaeology consultancy.
Jan. 2009 – Sept. 2008. Teaching as a seminar leader, University of Manchester – Archaeological Perspectives II (Undergraduate Level One Course).
2008. Occasional work for University of Manchester Archaeology Unit conducting historical mapping research associated with prospective ‘Dig Greater Manchester’ community archaeology project.
Jan. 2008 – Sept. 2007. Course co-ordinator and lecturer – ‘Issues in Archaeology, Art History & Cultural Heritage’ (Undergraduate Level One Course), University of Manchester.
July 2006. Educational facilitator on the ‘Royton Lives Through the Ages’ community archaeology project.
Jan. – April 2006. Teaching as a seminar leader, University of Manchester – Archaeological Perspectives II (Undergraduate Level One Course).
July 2005. Educational Facilitator on the ‘Royton Lives Through the Ages’ community archaeology project.
July – June 2004. Educational facilitator on ‘I Dig Moston’ Community Archaeology Project.
Sept. – Aug. 2003. Worked on research excavation of Cairnderry chambered tomb, Galloway, Scotland, carried out by the combined Universities of Cardiff and Manchester.
Aug. – June 2003. Worked for University of Manchester Archaeological Unit (UMAU) on a number of projects – Moston Hall Community Archaeology Project, Rossendale Quarry Survey and Gibfield Park evaluation excavation.
2003 – 2002. (Occasional Days) Worked for University of Manchester providing ‘Gifted and Talented’ master-classes for visiting school children.
Sept. 2002. Worked for UMAU on excavation of Romano-British salt working site at Nantwich, Chesire.
June 2002. Worked on the excavation of the chambered cairn at Bookan, Orkney, as part of a Manchester University research excavation.
August 2001. Participated in excavation of Romano-British site at Besthorpe, Nottinghamshire, led by UMAU.
June 2001. Participated in geophysical and topographic survey of the bronze age site of Knowes of Trotty, Orkney, carried out by the University of Manchester for the Orkney Archaeological Trust.
2000 – 1997. Deputy Headteacher, St John’s C.E. Primary School, Smallbridge, Rochdale (Including period as Acting Headteacher).
1997 – 1990. Teacher, Heybrook C.P. School, Rochdale.(Incl. variety of posts of responsibility).
1990 – 1983. Teacher, Smallbridge C.P. School, Rochdale. (Responsibility for Maths and Science).
1983 – 1978. Teacher, Thrum Hall Middle School, Rochdale.


24/11/2005. Writing Skills 3 – University of Manchester
16/11/2005. Presenting – University of Manchester
19/10/2005. Supporting Teaching and Learning in Archaeology – University of Liverpool (HEAcademy)
8/9/2005. GTA Training Course – University of Manchester
4/5/2005. Archaeology and Education – The Sustainability of non-mainstream subjects in the 14-19 curriculum. (HEAcademy).
2004. ‘Endnote’ Training – University of Manchester.
21/11/2003. Time Management – University of Manchester, Research and Career Management Training.


May 2009.
  1. ‘Making’ a Community Archaeology Project,
  2. Involving Schools in Community Archaeology Projects.

At the Scottish Community Archaeology Conference, Queen Margaret University, Musselburgh.


December 2007. Theoretical Archaeology Group (TAG), York. Title – Shared projects, different visions. The problem of communication within a community archaeology project.
November 2006. Archaeology For All – University of Manchester. Title – Emerging Trends in Community Archaeology.
June 2006. Community Archaeology – University College London. Title – Community Archaeology – conceptual and political issues.
September 2005. Archaeology and Education – CBA (York). Title – Archaeology and Education within the ‘I Dig Moston’ Community Archaeology Project.
September 2010 (Forthcoming). Engaging the Recent Past. Society for Post-medieval Archaeology. University of Glasgow. Title – Rediscovering, preserving and making memories at community archaeology projects.
December 2009. Theoretical Archaeology Group (TAG), Durham University. Title – Public participation in archaeology – differentiating between community archaeology and public archaeology.


Sept. 2009. Community Archaeology Workshop, Jewry Wall Museum, Leicester. Council for British Archaeology.
Dec. 2006. ‘Diversity and the Past’ Symposium, Centre for Excellence in Enquiry-Based Learning, Manchester, (Higher Education Academy).


Isherwood, R.A. (Forthcoming). Community Archaeology. A study of the conceptual, political and practical issues surrounding community archaeology in the United Kingdom today. Oxford: Archaeopress.
Isherwood, R.A. (Forthcoming). Emerging Trends in Community Archaeology. In, Archaeology for All. Council for British Archaeology.
Isherwood, R.A. 2010. (Forthcoming). Community Archaeology – conceptual and political issues. In, G. Moshenska (ed), Archaeology in the Community. Heritage Publications.


Dr Yvonne Marshall
Dept. of Archaeology,
University of Southampton,
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Dr Sian Jones,
Dept. of Art History and Archaeology,
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