Community Archaeology North West is an independent consultancy affiliated to the Greater Manchester Archaeological Unit. It was established in September 2009 by Dr Robert Isherwood following the successful completion of his Arts and Humanities Research Council funded doctoral research into community archaeology.

Community Archaeology North West offers a range of services to groups and organisations that are seeking to develop and deliver community and educational dimensions to archaeological and heritage projects. The design and delivery of innovative learning experiences and programmes of study for schools based around archaeology and material culture is a speciality.

Community Archaeology North West is founded upon the belief that the historic environment is a vital component within the construction of personal and collective identities. Engaging with the material remains of the past can serve to advance a sense of place and to foster community cohesion through a developed and shared sense of ownership.

The educational services provided are founded upon an educational philosophy which seeks to engage, stimulate and challenge learners. Enquiry and discovery-based learning lies at the heart of learning programmes and teaching sessions designed and provided by Community Archaeology North West. Learning activities and programmes of study will be flexible and responsive to meet the needs and desires of individual clients. There is much scope for learning outside the classroom. Archaeology is viewed as being an exciting and dynamic field of study with massive cross-curricula study potential.